Film Antics

On The Set

Each shoot has its unique challenges and story. But the mindset is always the same. Tell the best story you can and enjoy the creative people we have put together. The belief in harmony among each phase of production is important. Nothing is guarantee to workout. Every production Film Antics does is the hope to capture lightning in the bottle.

“Be safe have fun and look good while doing it.”

Setting up the shoots and finding what visually makes sense is an ongoing process. Film Antics takes great proud in the preparation. Do your homework so you can be ready to adjust to whatever happens on set. With great preplanning you have the chance to dig into scenes and find even more. Our motto, Be safe have fun and look good while doing it. .


When were on set it’s a big family. Every position contributes to the final project. Respecting each contribution and individual make what we do the most rewarding experience ever time That’s why we love what we do..

“That’s why we love what we do”

Next time you come walking by a shoot and people laughing so hard they can’t breath, it’s probably us working very hard to keep a straight face. If you ask us we might put you in front of camera.